Ways to Stay Fresh as an Artist

To be an artist is not easy, especially fine art artist, we may feel lost or down sometimes, but there are ways to stay fresh. For me, I try to do the following.

Strengthen your techniques

Strengthen your techniques

As an artist, to express what you feel and think is important, but having good techniques are also crucial. Only if you improve or learn new techniques, you would find more possibilities for your expressions.

Learn to promote/ market yourself

Learn to promote

Nowadays, there are tons of artists emerging. Not only should you have great work, but you also need to promote them to differentiate among million of artists. How does one promote oneself? It is definitely a huge challenge. Many artists—just like me—are introverts. We don’t have the urge or energy to promote our work via socializing or networking. So all we do is to promote artwork in introverted ways. (Will share an article about this topic)

No matter what, do not forget your initial aim, hang it there

hang it there

You could get lost in your promoting ways. You could do a lot of work but no one appreciates them. But don’t forget that the purpose of your work is not to make people love them but to express yourself. I know it is hard but try to balance it. A balance between what you have to do and what you wanna do. Admit sometimes life sucks and move on.

Don’t be frustrated

Don’t be frustrated2

You could put in a lot of efforts, however, sometimes they seem useless. No, you are not alone, that is normal. It happens in every field. Don’t be frustrated. If you feel frustrated occasionally, acknowledge it, embrace it, jot it down and express it through your canvas! Don’t miss that chance.

Success stories are just entertainments

Success stories are just entertainments2

You will admire some “lucky” artists but don’t expect you will someday be one of them. Don’t even be jealous of them. All you have to do is to walk your own path, create your unique artist life. Learn what you have to learn; work hard for what you really want; then leave it up to God.

Mind your physical, do exercise


Last but not least, care for your body. Don’t lose it.

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